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Dubai Land Department Transactions 2022

Dubai Land Department Transactions 2022 (DLD) is the real estate regulator in Dubai, and as such, it oversees all real estate transactions in the emirate. In 2022, DLD is expected to introduce a number of initiatives to ensure a smooth and secure real estate transaction process for buyers and sellers. Some of the expected initiatives include: 1. A new digital platform for the registration of all real estate transactions, including the ability to pay fees, taxes, and registration fees online. 2. A new system for tracking and monitoring all transactions, including the ability to view transaction details in real time. 3. Improved customer service, including the launch of a smart call center and a new online dispute resolution system. 4. Increased cooperation with banks and other financial institutions to provide more financing options for buyers. 5. Streamlined processes for issuing permits, such as the introduction of a single window clearance system. 6. The implementation of a new rating system for real estate professionals to ensure a high standard of service. 7. Improved regulations for rental contracts, such as a minimum length for rental contracts and an increase in rental deposits. 8. The introduction of a new “smart” legal advice service to assist buyers and sellers with their real estate transactions.



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